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USG's Leadership Conference logo

Leadership Conference

The USG Leadership Conference was organized by the 2022-2023 USG Executive Branch in an effort to promote networking between student organizations on campus and to share resources that are available to them.

USG's Unity Brunch logo

Unity Brunch

The main goal that 2022-2023 USG Director of D.E.I. Clara Pineda, wanted to accomplish by hosting the Unity Brunch was to allow cultural organizations have the opportunity to showcase their culture and share with other students and faculty their experiences with diversity, equity, and inclusion at IUPUI, in order to gather suggestions/opinions from the public on how to make IUPUI more inclusive.

IUPUI Student Organization Awards logo

IUPUI Student Organization Awards

The IUPUI Student Organization Awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize students and advisors, student organization programs, and registered student organizations that have made a significant impact on the social, interpersonal, and professional development of students as well as major contributions to IUPUI.